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Empathic Connections Counselling ® is a UK based counselling service for adults and adolescents aged over 14. Located in south London, face to face counselling sessions can be arranged by appointment through the contact details found on this website. The traditional platform of counselling has been face- to- face, at the same location each time. Whilst still valuing this tried and tested way of having therapy Empathic Connections Counselling® also offers you the opportunity to experience online counselling. Your online counselling sessions can be held on a secure video link or through encrypted emails without you needing to travel to the therapist. For more information visit the online counselling page.

There are often times in life where we find our selves needing support, some times we feel we cannot get that support, or want to share our problems with our friends or family members. Counselling becomes a space for you to talk about the issues you feel you need support with. Talking to someone, knowing that what you share and talk about is kept confidential is one element of counselling and psychotherapy. Another is that you will be speaking to a mental health professional who will be able to support you, guide you, listen to you, to help you get back in touch with your life and how you feel about yourself. With your counsellor, you can explore your issues and problems to help get a better understanding of what created them, learning to accept what's happened and how that may have changed us as a person, then inviting in a new way of thinking. Re-framing how we think about ourselves and situations is another vital element of changing our lives for the better. The final element is that your feelings will be valued and taken seriously. Counselling is a non-judgemental, empathic space for your feelings to be shared, respected and supported.  


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Rebecca Way BA MBACP

I am an integrative counselling psychotherapist of the modalities C.B.T (cognitive behavioural therapy) Person-centred and Psychodynamic. This means I am to adapt your therapy to meet your needs, offering a confidential, professional, supportive environment. We are all unique individuals and when we find ourselves needing professional support having a therapist who is willing and able to value your individuality is a strong starting point to you feeling better. The counselling support I offer you can cover a wide amount of issues and problems, ranging from problems in the here and now, to problems in the past. We will be working at your pace and talking about what you want to talk about, you and your needs being at the centre of your therapy. I am a member of the BACP (British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists) and follow their ethical framework of good practice. As part of this, my work is supervised and all data is held under GDPR regulations.

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