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Online Counselling/Virtual Counselling/Online Therapy/Online Psychotherapy/Online Therapist/Mental Health Service/Remote Counselling

Empathic Connections Counselling provides the United Kingdom with mental health support for adults and adolescents aged 15 and upwards. 

The support provided is counselling and psychotherapy held solely online through video counselling sessions that are held either weekly, or bi-weekly, for 50 minutes at a time. Sessions can range from short-term intensive counselling intervention to long-term therapeutic psychotherapy.

The online therapy and online counselling service can be arranged by appointment only, after first contact and an initial consultation. Join us over on contact us now for how to get in touch!

All video counselling/online therapy/online counselling services are held by the qualified and insured lead counsellor, Rebecca Way BA MBACP, adhering to high professional counselling standards and the BACP ethical framework.


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Meditation Music/Frequency Music/Bilateral Music/EMDR Music/Binaural Beats/Sound Healing/Healing Music/Sound Bath

Empathic Connections Counselling also creates healing music for your relaxation, for meditation, and to assist and support your healing journey outside of therapy sessions. The power of music is notable and can help towards deep psychological healing of the mind by creating different stages of relaxation and brainwaves that assist with healing, concentration, and relaxation. 

Currently, the ever-growing collection of music can be sourced and viewed for free through my YouTube channel, and will soon be available through Spotify and to buy through Bandcamp- watch this space! 

Check out the Empathic Connections Counselling Bandcamp page, a space where you can directly purchase all digital downloads of the creative music and meditation productions- exciting!

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Below, is a collection of reviews in connection with the online, video counselling I have provided clients over the last 8 years. The counselling clientele range in gender, age, and demographics, and their identity has been kept confidential in line with standard counselling best practices and GDPR regulations. 

"The best therapist I have ever had! Not only were our sessions very beneficial, they were also enjoyable. If I require therapy again in the future I would definitely go back to Rebecca."

"Rebecca is a really amazing therapist. I have healed so much working with her - in only a short space of time. She is very kind and insightful. She is wonderful at accepting you and supporting you through anything that comes up in the session. She is unwaveringly supportive and kind, no matter what it is you are sharing - this made me feel unafraid to share things I have been too ashamed/or overwhelmed by to share in the past. The best therapist I have had. Thank you for everything, Rebecca."

"My first session with Rebecca went very well. She has a very calming energy about her and managed to dissect into different areas of my issues in order to find out the root problem. She is a great listener and very non-judgemental. I will be continuing weekly sessions with her."

I liked Rebecca's approach from the get go. From her introduction she asked how are you doing, that was quite a different approach and showed she was concerned about you from the outset. That didn't stop right throughout the therapy session. She is warm, professional, makes you feel completely safe and at ease throughout. She also has a you tube channel with affirmations ,music and other materials. I'm really pleased I chose Rebecca and I have another session with her next week. She really wants to understand you as a person. She really is great.

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