Payment for Online Video Counselling

Making the decision to start a course of therapy can be challenging, if you have found yourself at this point in your life where you are ready to seek support may I assure you, this is the right choice. Prioritising yourself, and your mental health is going to benefit you and your future. 

Once you have made contact with your counsellor by either phoning or emailing, you will be invited to have your initial consultation which lasts around 20 minutes and is free of charge.

After your initial consultation, you will either be accepted as a counselling client for Empathic Connections Counselling or signposted to other agencies if needed. This includes other mental health practitioners or medical professionals if required. For example, if our services are not suitable for your needs and requirements there will be support in finding the right type of therapy and source of support.

Once you have been accepted as a client, a weekly video counselling session appointment will be created for you. Payment is required before your counselling session starts, so please allow yourself time before the start of your session. Video counselling sessions will not go ahead unless payment has been received first. 


Please find the button below to make a secure payment.


Payment Type 1- For Payment of Video                            Counselling  Session

Payment Type 2- Video Counselling