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Inner Child Meditation: Time to heal the past

My latest video content is a guided meditation together designed to help rediscover and heal your inner child.

Firstly, let me unpack what I am mean by inner child. We all have an inner child, a part of our personalities that was formed at the earliest times of our lives. The time of our life before we became adults before we had all the responsibilities and work that we all face now.

Some of us may feel that we are still able to reach our inner child and we might allow this part of our personalities to come forward in certain situations. For example, when we give ourselves permission to laugh, sing, be creative, let our hair down, and have innocent fun we are indeed letting our inner child come to the surface.

This is a really healthy practice to do and would recommend creating more time in your life for you to be able to be in the lighter, uplifting parts of your personality. This meditation can help you build a connection back to your inner child and can take you back to moments in your past that may have formed who you are in the now as an adult.

For some viewers, this meditation will remind you of happier times, perhaps fill your feelings full of joy and give you a sense of nostalgia. However, unfortunately, not everyone had a happy childhood so this meditation can be used to help hear your inner child, hear what you needed back then and be able to give that you yourself in the now.

Because of the nature of this meditation, it comes with a safety warning. Do make sure you are not driving a vehicle or in charge of machinery whilst listening to this meditation. Do make sure you are feeling safe enough in your environment, for example, you might be at home laying on your bed or sofa. Do allow yourself some privacy whilst doing this meditation. Do be kind to yourself during this meditation and stop at any time if you feel you need to you can always return at any time. This meditation is not intended to replace psychotherapy and if you encounter any feelings that may cause you to feel at risk of harm do reach out to your local mental health services, some further information will be at the bottom of this blog.

Before you try the Inner Child Guided Meditation, ensure that you are either sitting or laying down before we start and when you are ready, close your eyes. Next, we are going to do some breaths together, follow what I say. Take a deep breath in through your nose and then exhale out through your mouth. Repeat this again, breathe in through your nose... and exhale out through your mouth. One more deep breath but this time we are going to hold your breath in for three seconds before we release and exhale. Ready? Breathe in through your nose..., two, three... Then release and exhale. Now, continue to breathe in your natural rhythm.

The script for the video:

Keeping your eyes closed, I now invite you to engage your imagination and use your mind to create the images needed as I guide you through this process. Know that there are no right or wrong images that you create in your mind or what might come to you automatically. Any memories thoughts, feelings, and emotions are right for you and are your experience and your reality right now.

In your mind, imagine you can see yourself at the age you are right now in this time of your life. Can you see yourself in your mind's eye? Can you see an image of yourself? Take a moment to create a picture of you in your imagination. When you are ready imagine you are standing in front of the house you grew up in. Take a minute to build that image, can you see your childhood home? Did you grow up in a house, flat, or any other type of building? Once you can see your old home walk towards the front door.

Now you are at the front door of the home you grew up in I invite you to open the front door and walk through, what can you see? Are you entering into a hallway? Living room? Can you see any of your family members? Do you remember where your bedroom is? Walkthrough you're home until you find your bedroom. Do you have to walk along a hallway? Do you have to walk up to any stairs? Once you find your room you notice the door is closed, take some time to stand there for a minute.

When you feel ready, knock on the door to your childhood bedroom and say “hello, can I come in?”

As you enter your old bedroom you notice you can see yourself as a child, can you see what age you are? What else can you notice? Are you sitting on your bed? Are you playing with your toys? Are you happy? Or are you sad, upset, or scared? The child you can see is you, you can see your inner child, say hello and introduce yourself. “Hey, thank you for letting me come into your room, I just wanted to say hi! Do you know who I am? I am older you.”

Take a few moments now to gather your thoughts about what you would like to say to inner child you in this moment. Do you need to tell them that everything will be ok? Let them know they are safe with you. That you are here to hear them, validate them, and keep them safe? Do you need to tell inner child they no longer have to feel lonely, that they can stay with you? Does your inner child want to be understood and protected? Does child you need to be reminded that they are worthy of love? That it is their birthright to be loved and accepted for who they are, for who you are? Does inner child you need a hug?

You can give child you everything you needed back then as a child, you are their best friend. Tell your inner child what they need to hear from older them, give them a message of love and hope. Share with them the wisdom of your older years. I wonder what inner child has to say to you? Can you ask them if they have a message for you? Do they want you to have more fun? Do they want to come out and play more? Do they want their creativity to shine through you?

Let your inner child know that they have a place, that they live on, and become who you are now. Let them know that you need to go soon but can come back any time they need help from older you and if you need help from them too. When you are ready, say goodbye, let child you know you will be back soon. When you are ready leave your old bedroom and slowly walk back through your childhood home, back to the front door. When you are ready step through the doorway and close the door behind you and walk away.

Take a few moments now to reflect on what that experience was like for you. Take a few minutes to be with yourself, your feelings, and your thoughts right now. If you found it upsetting seeing yourself as a child again make a mental note of what specifically was challenging for you to re-experience take it to therapy so you can focus on healing that wound. You deserve to be healed. You as an adult and inner child you deserve to have a good life and not be haunted by what might have happened to you. Remember, you are safe now. You are an adult now and have much more choice and tools to keep you safer now.

Come back to this guided mediation any time you want to do some more inner child healing work.

Thank you for taking the time to be here with me on this journey, I wish you all the love, light, healing, joy, and abundance that the universe has.

Check out my website;

UK Crisis support numbers; Samaritans​ call: 116 123

Shout​ 85258 (text service)

NHS 111 (For mental health concerns)

NHS 999 emergency if you or someone you know is at immediate risk of harm to themselves and in serious danger.

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