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The power of healing music 432 Hz


Let's spend some time now to reflect on music and your relationship with sounds and beats. What is your favourite genre? What do you listen to when you want to feel more energised or relaxed? Do you listen to music to suit your mood?

You may have already noticed that sounds are powerful and can influence us in many ways. If you are feeling low you might find uplifting sounds off-putting because it is not matching your current reality. In these times, you may benefit from listening to classical pieces with deep melodies and complex strings as a way to help you process your sadness. Or, if you are finding it difficult to sleep, you may find soft harmonies and wavy basslines would help you drift off and distract you mind enough to be able to slip into dreamland.

Music has the power to heal us, uplift us, support us and help us stay connected to each other. Perhaps because our bodies contain a lot of water the frequencies music creates may influence us on this level. There is also a lot to be said for 432 Hz, which is known to be a healing frequency and also the frequency our universe is said to emit.

The track featured below has been created by myself as part of Empathic Connections Counselling is tuned to 432 Hz and has been created for you to adapt however you may need it. For example, some of this track's users listen whilst drifting off to sleep. Others for meditation and relaxing.

Have a listen, see how you feel and adapt it to whatever your need is.

Happy listening, love, light & healing.


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