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Video Counselling: The future therapy platform

Counselling and psychotherapy has now left the confines of the therapists room and can now be experienced in the comfort of your own home, or space, that could be more convenient for you! For some people, trying to find the time in an evening or a weekend to physically travel (for many quite a distance) to your counselling session can be a daunting task and might put some people off looking for therapy or be a limiting factor in available therapy.

Vsee, is the secure platform that Empathic Connections Counselling (ECC) ® uses for online video counselling. Vsee is not only trusted by myself but by thousands of mental health practitioners worldwide. Currently, I am offering video counselling to residents in the UK and Europe.

Video counselling offers a space for your therapy that is adapted to you. This could be at your work place around your schedule, or in your home. Video counselling will increase the accessibility of therapy for you (Simpson,2003). For example, if you are unable to leave your home or unable to travel to your sessions. An essential element to having online video counselling is to ensure the space you are using is confidential. Ensuring that you will not be overheard or interrupted during your session time.

Vsee can be easily downloaded, and if you choose video online counselling with ECC, you will be asked to download a version onto the device you will be using. For download link, click here.

When you think of video communication, the first platform that comes into your mind might be Skype. However, when it comes to maintaining your confidentiality in a therapeutic setting and environment, Vsee would be seen as more suitable, even if you feel unfamiliar with its design (Armfield et al, 2012).

In conclusion, if you are thinking about starting a course of therapy but have concerns about how you will physically get to the face-to-face location each week. If you would prefer to be able to see your counsellors face when thinking of online counselling options. Then video counselling could be the most suitable platform for you. With computer and electronic device advancements allowing a greater accessibility (Owolabi, 2018 p209-221) for people to have computers in their homes. With access to internet connection being is most homes and work places.Means video counselling is becoming more popular in today's society.


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